Countryside Pets Hotel provides total solutions for your beloved pets. Our professional facilities include premium quality guest rooms, a canopied park, a swimming pool, a grooming department, a snack bar and a car park. Our Hotel provides a comfortable environment for both provisional and long-term boarding. Our Hotel is conveniently situated at a highly accessible location in Kowloon City and Tuen Mun.

Kowloon City Hotline: 3422 8818
Address: 76 Tak Ku Ling Rd., Kowloon City
Everyday Check in/Check out Time: 12:00pm - 20:00pm

Tuen Mun Hotline: 2661 1710
Address: Shop 1-2, Tsing Min Path, Rich Building, Tuen Mun
Everyday Check in/Check out Time: 11:00am - 19:00pm

Comfortable Rooms

We provide accommodation of 50ft² air-conditioned private indoor rooms separated by concrete walls to prevent disturbances from neighbours. High quality ceramic tiles on walls and floor help maintain a clean and dry environment. An independent window in each room for adequate lighting and ventilation can minimize bacterial and viral infection. Since we aim at providing superb home-like ambience for all our pet guests, cages are not available.

Air-conditioning System

We provide separate air-conditioned system for accommodate area and playground. Room temperature is fixed at 25-27 degree Celsius(Base on difference seasons). Convection air system can minimize bacterial and viral infection.

Canopied Park

The ceramic tile flooring prevents spreading of fleas and ticks. Dedicated caretakers are assigned to play with your pets to reduce the stress they may experience in a new environment and promote their adaptivity. Adequate and separate partitioning with professional management ensure total safety of your pets at all times.

Government Licence

We are licensed by Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department for provision of pet accommodation.  Our environment design, management and services are also approved by senior vets of the Department.

Kowloon City #000831, Tuen Mun #001011

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Our Hotel premises are regularly cleaned with Virkons, which is well known for safety and effective anti-bacterial properties.  Your pets will only be supplied with drinking water processed by high quality U.S. filtering system.

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